Morrissey Lab, University of Michigan

What is Trigger?
Trigger is an electronic newsletter for researchers working on the biology of Tissue Factor, Factor VII and Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI). This free newsletter, edited by Jim Morrissey and Pierre Neuenschwander, is distributed twice monthly via e-mail. Its purpose is to share information among researchers who are investigating how the blood clotting system is controlled.

We call our newsletter “Trigger” because Tissue Factor and Factor VII are the proteins that trigger the blood clotting system in normal hemostasis and most thrombotic diseases. You can find out how Trigger works and how to subscribe to it using the links at the left.

Trigger issues are also available by RSS feed or blog (although the e-mailed version occasionally contains some information not included in the RSS or blog versions).

What other information is here?
These web pages contain information for biomedical researchers on the biology of Tissue Factor, Factor VII and TFPI. This includes summaries of the properties of these proteins (with links to database entries for their protein sequences, gene sequences, mutations, and three-dimensional structures). It also includes protocols and sources of reagents for experimenters working in this field.