Morrissey Lab, University of Michigan

Patrick Suess

Patrick received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at St. Edward’s University, and his PhD in Cellular Biology from Texas A&M University. In May 2018 Patrick joined the Morrissey lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Patrick is interested in the role of platelet-derived extracellular polyphosphate as a cell signaling molecule.


Platelet dense granules contain large stores of inorganic polyphosphate, and upon platelet activation polyphosphate is released into the microenvironment. We have previously identified platelet-derived polyphosphate as a potent modulator of coagulation and fibrinolysis. We have now identified an additional role for extracellular polyphosphate as a cell signaling molecule that recruits fibroblasts to the site of a wound or lesion, and induces their differentiation into a pro-wound healing cell type known as a myofibroblast. We are currently working towards understanding the mechanism by which polyphosphate exerts this affect.